Lisa's crossdress dreams

Hi, I'm a 37 year old guy from Belgium that has been crossdressing for almost his entire life. Somehow I hope to meet Someone who will support me in developping my feminine side. I do not wish to have surgery, but I need to let Lisa out once in a while.


Pictures of my sissy maid husband’s breast growth, at various stages.  If there is any interest, PM me and I will see how much more we have, or maybe I can just take some new ones.

These were asked for by a follower who was interested in knowing what she used to achieve the growth.  It was pueraria mirifica natural herbal estrogen from Thailand, available with an easy internet search.  Even auction places carry them.

I like having breasts that I can play with whenever I want to, and I like that sissy is reminded that she is not any longer a full male in my eyes, and that is why the chastity cage that she suggested we buy for her is semi-permanently locked on her.  —Miss Heather

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    Wow those are some nice little titties! Was she on any other hormone treatments?
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    Another of my more popular posts, reblogging to celebrate reaching 2,100 followers. —Miss Heather
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    Wow. I didn’t realize hormones did that much at all! Very surprising/ How does your sissy like them? What size are they?
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